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Brought up Jun 26, 2010

Confiscation Of Cardinal Danneels’ Computer And The Scanning Of The Tombs Of Two Former Cardinals

The June 24, 2010 raid by Belgian authorities of Cardinal Godfried Danneels' residence and that of the current Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, Andre-Joseph Leonard, was unprecedented in modern times. They even drilled holes into at least one tomb of a former cardinal to check whether any documents had been secreted within the tomb! Furthermore, they confiscated Cardinal Danneels' computer. That could prove to be Pandora's Box. But, there is a chance that the Belgian authorities overreached and will now try to over-compensate by sweeping everything under the carpet. This article by papal historian Anura Guruge, the author of 'The Next Book' looks at the implications of this raid in Belgium:

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