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Brought up Jun 11, 2010

John John Paul II’s ‘Universi Dominci Gregis,’ Apostolic Constitution — The Inconsistencies

Unless Pope Benedict XVI promulgates a new Constitution that supersedes it, the next conclave and papal election will be held per the edicts contained in John Paul II's 1996 Universi Dominci Gregis -- albeit with one clause, viz. #75, updated per a June 2007 Benedict XVI motu proprio. The last conclave, i.e., the one held in 2005 that elected the current pope was conducted per Universi Dominci Gregis.

Universi Dominci Gregis, however, has some inconsistencies. Nothing earth shattering but the kind of stuff you would not find in a formal U.S. corporate agreement or contract.

This article by Anura Guruge, the author of 'The Next Pope' book, spells out all the issues in this Apostolic Constitution.


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